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The Main Street Restaurant

Fancy French toast

We, Kimberly and Louie, started working together in 2006 as a waitress and cook at one of Northampton's iconic restaurants, Millers Diner. Nine years later, in 2015, we got married and started a family. After many years of saving and working hard, we decided to look around and open our own small business. In 2016, we happily landed at the Main Street Restaurant. With much hard work and dedication, we took over in May 2017 from Paula Frederick, who ran the business for many years before. Paula became an inspiration for us with her passion for the business. 


Main Street has become more than just a job for us. Our employees and customers have become a part of our family that we look forward to seeing every day. That family feeling is what drives us to continue to improve. We strive to create a welcoming environment for every customer that comes in, new and old. We are committed to excellent service and serving healthy traditional food every day. 
We appreciate all the support and love of our customers. We genuinely thank you for your business! 

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